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Bound To Please

Bound to Please Glans Ring - 30mm

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Bound to Please Glans Ring - 30mm

  • Rigid stainless steel penis glans ring

  • Metal ball to put pressure on frenulum and glans

  • Smooth seamless finish

  • Inner diameter 30mm

  • Waterproof

This stainless steel glans ring enhances sensations in the penis and helps to improve sexual performance, making sex or foreplay more exciting and enjoyable for both partners. The simple and appealing design looks fantastic and is easy to wear - resembling penis jewellery but without the piercing. The ring is worn around the glans (head) of the penis, creating an irresistible sensation of gentle pressure against the frenulum. This produces overwhelming waves of stimulation, which will keep you intensely aroused and building towards intense orgasms.


The stainless steel design is sturdy and offers reliable grip, providing the perfect balance between comfort and stimulation. Try it and experience the exhilaration and satisfaction first hand. It is exciting to wear whilst the small steel bead pushes up against the frenulum for an irresistible sexual thrill, which you will want to return to again and again. This exquisite item from Bound to Please has a 30mm width and promises incredible rewards.



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