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Impound Gladiator Male Chastity Device


When you want BDSM that is both naughty and elegant, then the Impound Gladiator Chastity device for your manly sub will answer all your deepest fantasies.


Select between the 3 included base rings, the one that fits best, put the penis the cage and lock the ring with the padlock, so that you can keep your gladiator in check.Manufactured from nickel free steel, which accentuates it's clean look and feels smooth and wonderfully cool against the skin. The form and material makes it possible to play with over long periods of time.


Product Features:


    Male chastity device

    Material: Metal

    Easy to clean during prolonged wear

    Concealing design for restricted outer sensation

    Comes with padlock and a set of three keys

    3 different sized base rings for custom fit