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Loving Joy

Loving Joy Beginners Wrist Restraints

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Loving Joy Beginners Bondage Cuff

Follow your wilder desires and explore a darker side of you with this Loving Joy Beginners’ Wrist Cuffs! Let go of control and experience restraint the safest and most comfortable way, these soft and secure cuffs will have you tied in a close bind. Once you’ve done learning the ropes, add more ties easily to the sturdy metal O-rings and discover the pleasures of vulnerability with your lover. Give bondage a try, and let these Loving Joy Beginners’ Wrist Cuffs accompany you on your journey to the dark side.


Product Features:


    Black wrist restraints for bondage play

    Soft restraints ideal for beginners

    Secure Velcro straps for easy release and comfort

    Adjustable circumference

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