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Loving Joy


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Loving Joy Door Jam Cuffs

Show your lover the door… and cuff them to it with the Loving Joy Door Jam Cuffs! Bring the house down with your kinky escapades – with this sturdy set of cuffs you can secure your partner in any doorway in a standing position with their arms above their heads; entirely at your mercy. Soft, comfortable, secure and easy to use so you can get creative and experience all the fun you can have behind closed doors! Free yourselves from the confines of the bed with the Loving Joy Door Jam Cuffs!


Product Features:


    Pair of black Loving Joy door jam cuffs

    2 wrist cuffs with strap and jam block

    Sturdy material

    Comfortable to wear

    Secure Velcro straps for easy release

    Cuffs have adjustable circumference