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Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream - Choco Cinnamon

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Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream

Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream is a delicious sparkling cream that can be applied to your nipples or lips, leaving them with a gold shimmer and a great taste. Your nipples will shine in the most sensual fashion, creating a seductive environment.

Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream is created using high quality erotic and natural ingredients, to care for and regenerate damaged skin. The nipple cream includes ingrediants such as: natural grape seed oil, vitamin E and cocoa butter.

Lylou Kissable Glamour Cream is the perfect way to catch your partner's attention.

Special Features:

  • Sparkling cream

  • Great taste

  • Gold shimmer

  • High quality erotic and natural ingredients


  • 7 ml

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