Saxenfelt Latex Short Dress Black X Large

Saxenfelt Latex Short Dress Black X Large

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Sexy curvy premium latex dress, easy on and off. The best you can feel with clothes on.
Available in Small (Size 8-10), Medium (Size 10-12), Large (Size 12-14) and XL (Size 16-18)
Saxenfelt is the premium Latex clothing brand in the world. All carefully manufactured in Denmark using the highest standards and best 100% natural raw materials in the world. Their products are super durable and almost impossible to rip or tear.
Seamless dip moulded from anatomically correct forms, which means that there are NO vulcanized or glued seams to rip, tear or leak and all products have a uniform thickness of 0.35 mm.

  • NO thin spots,

  • Lots of stretch capabilities

  • Strong enough not to tear

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