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Sliquid Organic Personal Lubricant Cube

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Sliquid Organic Cube

This Organics Lube Cube contains 12 individual pillow packs of each Sliquid Organics lubricant, all in a stylish box.

  • 3 x Sliquid Organics Pillows

  • 3 x Sliquid Organics Gel Pillows

  • 3 x Sliquid Oceanics Pillows

  • 3 x Sliquid Organics Silk Pillows

Special Features:

  • Emulates body's natural lubrication

  • Glycerin free

  • Paraben free

  • Vegan friendly

  • Suitable with condoms

  • Suitable with all sex toys

  • Water soluble


6 x 5 mls

Vibrator/Dildo Compatibility:

Sliquid Organics Personal Lubricants are compatible with all vibrators and dildos, including silicone vibrators/dildos.

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