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Sqweevee Sqweel Attachment - Pink

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Sqweevee Sqweel Attachment

The Sqweevee Sqweel attachment now combines two favourite sex toys for masturbation and sexual intercourse, the Sqweel Oral Sex Stimulator and a vibrator of your choice! Allowing you to use 2 toys at once and doubling the fun of your Sqweel.

The Sqweevee is a Sqweel attachment made of soft, skin-safe rubber that allows the user to attach her favourite vibrator to the Sqweel, for the most complete clitoral and vaginal experience. The Sqweevee allows you to positions your vibe in numerous positions so you are sure to find the one that works best for you. This means you can enjoy simultaneous oral stimulation and penetration.

The Sqweevee Sqweel accessory is waterproof.

The Sqweevee can be used in conjunction with any classic torpedo-style vibe.

Suitable for use with vibrators measuring between 7.6 cm - 8.96cm in circumference.

Special Features:

  • Converts Sqweel to a penetration toy and oral sex toy

  • Numerous positions

  • Soft, skin-safe rubber

  • Waterproof


  • Total Length: 15.24 cm

  • Width Maximum: 10.8 cm

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