Oxballs Ultraballs 2 Pack Cockring Plus+Silicone™ Special Edition Night

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Ultraballs 2 pack cockrings in new Night Edition velvety silicone finish Plus silicone blend, TPR for amazing stretch plus silicone for a rubbery warm feel. Night black colour is a deep dull-finish black that feels warm and silky-smooth, less grippy, it glides on more like vintage black rubber it looks rich and deep and feels super slick.

Ultraballs is everything you crave in a cockring stretchier, rubberier and even more bang for your buck. The underside of each ring has blubbery dual nodules that work as pressure points to keep your cock rigid and ready to go. Best of all,

Ultraballs pushes your package up n out for a beefy bulge thats sure to turn heads, perfect for filling out a tight jockstrap or creating a mouthwatering bulge under your favourite skintight gear. Guys will be lining up to see what you're packing.

Now, you get two super stretchy rings guaranteed for hours of fuckin, suckin, and strokin. Stash one in your gym-bag or suitcase; you never know when you just might need it.