Reviews By Suzie - Satisfyer Curvy 1+

Just for you Desires recently supplied the new Satisfyer Curvy 1+ to our newest reviewer Suzie to get her opinions. Check out what suzie had to say below.


Name: Suzie

Age: 31

Gender or chosen pronoun: Female

Item you are reviewing: Satisfyer Curvy 1+

What sort of toy is it: Clit Stimulator

During isolation, what a good time to get a new toy! Do I like oral sex? YES. Does my clit deserve a bit more lovin? YES. So, let’s say hello to the Satisfyer Curvy 1+.

So, I’ve got this neat little box in my hands, the bright packaging is inviting me to rip it open and whip this thing on charge, but I also remind myself that I can’t just tear this box open like I usually would. Business before pleasure am I right?

Upon opening the box, the packaging really is sturdy and the Curvy 1+ is well neatly packed in there with full view of the toy as you open it…hello my new best friend! What I love about this box is that it tells you exactly what this toy does, without adding too much extra info that you really don’t care about. The first thing I read on it was clitoral stimulation and I am so like yes please.

The box consists of the toy, a charger and instructions. No other bits and pieces that you will probably throw out, just the basics and that’s all you need. I pulled the sleek Curvy 1+ out and into my hot little hands, along with the charger, whilst running around to find a power point. It is conveniently a USB charger and we have USB ports for everything these days, so it is easy enough to find somewhere to plug it in. I even had it plugged into my work laptop – how good is wanking from home…. I mean working…

…Nah I don’t. 😉

Now to kick back and wait.

I will be honest; I didn’t read the instructions the first time I used it. I was laying on the couch contemplating life and wondering if it was too soon to try my new toy out. Just thinking of the fun I was about to have made my clit throb. Hell, sitting here writing this review is making me horny. Clearly, I had no time to read the instructions, my clit was craving attention and I wasn’t going to deprive her of that. 

Instead, I ripped it off charge and placed the Curvy 1+ on my clit and mashed the buttons like a broken TV remote and OH boy what a time to be alive. I have never cum so hard, I’m talking body shaking, wet mess and embarrassingly it was within 2 minutes of play.

This was the first time I used it and obviously there were many times after that. I read the instructions which were helpful for me to know exactly what the toy has to offer which was outlined on the box as well. So, what does it offer? In short it offers you a combination of vibrations and suction sensations which lead to an intense, body shaking orgasm.

After a few more uses I learnt a few things for myself about this magical device. You don’t even need to be ‘in the mood’ to use it. Do you ever get that feeling where you just need to relax and enjoy some me time? I like to start the Curvy 1+ on the lowest suction mode and I guarantee you will be turning it up for more. It’s like having my boyfriend suck on my clit but hitting the right spots every time. It does all this and more at a very low non offensive sound. Which as a mum, I can appreciate. The last time I was using a not so quiet sex toy, my daughter came knocking on my door saying she could hear a drone. But that’s a story for another day.

Alright the next thing, there’s an app. When I saw this I gulped because really, I just don’t get the purpose of an app with a sex toy. I prefer to press the buttons on the toy and feel it doing its thing. BUT I downloaded it, because I had to test it right. And let me tell you, it was the easiest thing to connect, I was waiting for error messages to pop up, but nope nothing. Sorcery.

So, I know I said I didn’t understand the point of an app blah blah, but it is actually very cool. You can set the Curvy 1+ to program play, live control, ambient sound and even to vibrate to music. For something different I tried the ambient sound setting on a stormy rainy night and heck it was a lot of fun. Program play you can make your own patterns, I really am impressed with the amount of combinations of vibrations and suctions it has to offer, you can really personalise and make this toy your own, or get your partner to create some fun patterns for you!

Personally, I use this as a solo toy. There is no reason why you couldn’t use it with a partner during sex, however for me, I feel like the Satisfyer would be the star of the show and I don’t think my partner could compete in all honesty. We have a great sex life and I really love enjoying all of him during those intimate times, so I save the toys for my alone time.

You can probably tell from this review; I love this new addition to my sex toy stash, and I think I will be using this toy for a long while. It makes me happy on the inside and out and it has made itself very comfortable in my bedside draw, and I think your draw could use one too.

Thank you to Just For You Desires for sending me through such a fun toy to test, Keep an eye out for my next review coming soon. I can't wait to see what they send me next.

email them at with any questions or assistance picking out the right toy for you.




Find your Satisfyer Curvy1+ here


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