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Swiss Navy

Desire Silicone Based Intimate Lubricant 4 Oz

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Timeless pleasures need long-lasting essentials!
Desire Intimate Lubricant is a liquid wonder meant to reduce friction and enhance your sexual delights.

Intentionally non sticky, the highest grade silicone delivers a luscious, silky feel wherever applied.

Nourishing, lightweight, and slippery smooth, Desire Silicone based Intimate Lubricant helps extend your sexiest moments.

Handy Instructions:        

  • Pour, drip or drizzle where desired

  • Just a little goes a long way

  • Non sticky, slick long lasting formula

  • Reapply as Desired

Additional Information:

  • Desire Intimate Lubricant adds a fluid glide and extra comfort to intimate activities

  • Created to enhance pleasure and decrease friction

  • Use this long lasting, non sticky formula to extend enjoyment

  • Developed by women, for women

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