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Nuru Vegan Massage Gel Powder TANAKA 500g

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 Indulge in the ancient Japanese tradition of Nuru massage with our massage gel powder. Crafted in Japan using only the finest natural ingredients, including nutrient-rich Carrageenan and invigorating Camelia sinensis Leaf, this remarkable powder gel delivers a wealth of benefits for your body and soul. As you mix it with water, a smooth and silky gel is formed, effortlessly gliding over your skin, granting you a blissful full-body massage or a deeply rejuvenating therapy session. Our fragrance-free, flavorless, and stain-free formula ensures a sensorial experience focused solely on relaxation. 


 Our powder contains no harmful chemicals such as Paraben and Glycerin, allowing you to immerse yourself in a safe and nourishing massage journey. Plus, it's vegan-certified, catering to those who value sustainable and ethical products. Awaken your senses and pamper yourself with our authentic Massage Gel Powder, capturing the essence of timeless Japanese traditions.


As it is water-based, it is ideal for Massage and great as a personal lotion. One teaspoon makes about 8 ounces. You can adjust the consistency to your liking. Use less water for a thicker consistency or more water for a thinner consistency. You can keep the powder for one week after mixing.


  • Massage Gel: Authentic Japanese Massage Gel Powder. 

  • Paraben and Glycerine Free 

  •  Seaweed Extract & Green Tea Extract: Contains both these ingredients for a more authentic Massage experience 

  •  Non-Staining, Non-Sticky, Odourless, Tasteless and Long-lasting

  •  Makes 13 gallons or 50 litres: Plenty for multiple slippery Massages 

  •  Japanese Made: Massage Gel Powder is made from only the highest quality ingredients and designed for smooth sensations and softness.