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Loving Joy


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Loving Joy Under the Mattress Restrain System

Become an open playground for your lover’s touch and surrender limb by limb to full body restraint with this Loving Joy Under the Bed Restraint Set. Get ready to explore your dark side – with this easy to use kit you can set up a night of wild, sexy fun within minutes! Comfortable around the wrists and ankles, the Velcro straps are secure and durable, but also easy to release for maximum safety. So, go ahead, make your bed and lie in it, the Loving Joy Under the Bed Restraint Set will have you at pleasure’s mercy.


Product Features:


    Loving Joy Under the bed restraint set

    Easy to set up and use

    Easy release restraints

    4 cuffs for wrists and ankles

    Sturdy material

    Comfortable to wear

    Secure straps

    Cuffs have adjustable circumference