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Pepee Backdoor 360ml

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Pepee Backdoor 360ml

This thick and long-lastingPepee Back Door Anal Lotionwill make sessions from behind a lubricated dream. Pepee Back Door. We all know how dry things can there back there with its lack of natural moisturizing orifice. Pepee are Japan’s most superior brand of lube and they have put all their lotion brain power together for this specially formulated helping hand for sliding in and out of the back door.Delivering excellence in Japan for the past 50 years, Pepee introduces Back Door which is an extra thick water-based lubricant for anal play. Back Door has an alluring purple colour that can be attributed to the ingredient azulene which has anti-inflammatory properties. Make entry into the back-passage a breeze with a thick muscle relaxing lubricant.

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