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Saxenfelt Latex Crotchless Ladies Hipster Brief Red Medium

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Saxenfelt Latex Crotchless Ladies Hipster Brief 

Saxenfelt are world renowned for their premium Latex clothing. All their clothing is carefully designed and produced (dip-moulded) in Denmark, using the highest standards and best 100% natural raw materials you can find. Their products are super durable and almost impossible to rip or tear, which will ensure a lifetime of use if cared for correctly.

Saxenfelt clothing is seamless dip moulded - meaning no glued or vulcanized seams. All rubber clothing has a uniformed thickness of .35mm with no thin spots. Saxenfelt has a lot of stretch and give which makes it strong enough not tear and hugging enough to not feel too tight. All clothing arrives in a matte finish and needs to be shined for the wet/shine look finish. 

All Saxenfelt products are BGA/FDA approved, contain no forms of PVC, PCP or Cadmium, are phthalate free and low-allergic.

Size chart for Saxenfelt latex

All measurements in CM

Ladies Size           

                     Breast          Waist            Hips

S                      85                 65                88

M                      90                 70                93

L                       95                 75                98

XL                   100                 80              103

Mens Size

S                        90                75                90

M                        95                80                95

L                       100                86               100

XL                     105                92               105