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Super King

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Super King

Our mission is to provide affordable waterproof bedding for everyone. It’s that simple! Either you’re wanting to experiment and try something new, and don’t want that hefty price tag or you’re after an affordable and reliable waterproof bed sheet, and we will provide. Not only does it protect the bed, but it provides a fantastic campus for sensual massage and is comfy enough to use as a mattress protector even a sheet.

The waterproof bedding is our flagship product, so we won’t compromise on quality in exchange for profit. With an increased colour fastness for our latest iteration of bedding, you can rest assured that it will hold up to the wash and time as well as in the bedroom.

We have also listened to your feedback and understand that it isn’t just lube that is being used with these sheets but things such as Crisco butter and oil-based products, so we have added protection for these also. We can now boast that the bed- ding and variants are water-based, silicone, and Crisco safe with additional advanced oil protection.

Safe Againist :

  • Waterbased Lubricants

  • Silicone Lubricants

  • Crisco

  • Enhanced oil protection

Dimensions : 204 x 204 x 30cm

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