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Creative Conceptions

Sexy 6 - Sex Edition

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This set comes with 6 dices and features 720 possible sex outcomes, in a chiffon bag with tie closure.

Designed to spice up your bedroom antics, one roll at a time.

Roll with raunchiness for Impromptu flirty fun.

Get down and get dirty with sexy 6.  Toss the dice to add a little spice and surprise to your bedroom antics, with 720 possible combinations for you to enjoy. Roll the dice and revel in the thrill of how different positions bring rise to contrasting pleasures, complemented by an array of foreplay fun - everyone wins with this game!

Die 1: who will take the lead and intimate intimacy? Roll the ace to fix all dice to your own desire!

Die 2: what props can be utilised to enhance play?

Die 3: How you'll be attired for your erotic exploits?

Die 4: what foreplay will help you get in the mood?

Die 5: what position will get the passion rising?

Die 6: switch to this position as you approach climax.